4 Steps to a Dream Date With Your Hubby

You have the desire, the imagination and the will. You want to connect with your partner and rekindle the spark that used to flow so easily between you. Maybe you’ve even researched the best romantic date nigh ideas for couples. You’re ready to go.

Thing is… When you have kids, you’re probably exhausted at the end of the day. You’re busy. You can’t exactly go out on a whim anymore, and it feels like a simple date night has become something impossibly complex.

If you’re in this situation, you know how exhausting and depressing this can feel. Luckily- we have you covered. Read on for the best ways to make time for your partner and bring back some romance.

  1. Put the Kids to Bed Early

Many of the best date nights take place in your own home. Cheat the clock a little and put the kids to bed earlier. This will give you and your partner more time to enjoy each other’s company. If they have a screen-time limit, this is a good time to cheat and give them an extra hour or so. I can almost guarantee that they’ll be nice and quiet in their rooms.

  1. Go Outside

Yes, really! Even if you’re home with the kids, you can always slip outside and enjoy the night air together. Go onto a patio, balcony or into your own back yard. Grab some chairs, a blanket and enjoy each other’s company. Stargaze, or snuggle- whatever works for you.

  1. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

This is obvious, but it can’t be said enough. Schedule in your date night! Make sure you have it all arranged, and scheduled in. Write it in your calendar if you need to. Treat it like an appointment or school function. Make it happen and don’t leave it to chance.

  1. Get Dressed Up (Yes, Really!)

Okay, hear me out. I know you’re pressed for time, exhausted and probably can’t even remember when you last got dressed up. But it’s worth it. Try out a new dress or invest in some sexy lingerie. Take the time to wash your hair and spritz on perfume and put on the cleanest clothes that you have. It might seem like a lot of effort, but you’ll feel like a whole new person. Try it- you might just find it works wonders.

Now that you’ve gotten a few romantic date night ideas, it’s time to put this into action. Talk to your partner and schedule something in or shoot us a message.

Even the most hectic schedule deserves a little romance, so what are you waiting for? Let’s make this happen.

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