Cherry Popping Adventures

We all remember our first time. We might have felt scared and insecure, but the excitement of the unknown is something that makes it unforgettable.

Unfortunately, there can only be one first time but if you are creative your sex role play ideas can help you recreate your experience. Here is an example of what you can do to relive your cherry popping adventures.

To really get the perfect scenario, you can start with the pickup. You can pretend that you and your significant other are just getting to know each other. As you begin talking, you find out that one of you is a virgin.

Once you get into the bedroom, you can teach your partner everything they need to know to satisfy you sexually. Not only is this exciting, it can help you learn things about how to please your partner that you never knew before.

These types of roleplay ideas can also be very similar to BDSM. There is the same element of one partner telling another what to do and the other partner letting themselves be controlled. And while there is some element of dominance involved, the experience can be very soft and sensual.

And unlike most cherry popping experiences, this type of role play can be revisited over and over. You can switch up partners, continue on your adventures to teach your newbie even more about how to please their partner, or just relive the experience all over again.

What will you be doing to make your second cherry popping adventure even better than your first?

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