The shopping trip PT 1

Jessie knew that her simple sexy lingerie wasn’t going to cut it. if she wanted to show Clark that she was ready to be the sub to his master she would have to go big. She stared in the store for a moment, but nothing stuck out to her. This would be a disaster, but at least she had gotten some fun sex toys for the road, she thought as she weighted the bag full of toys in her hand.

No, this wouldn’t do. She had to come up with something. She spotted the lady she had spoken to when she first got into the shop, signaling her with a wave she waited till she caught her attention. The brunette seemed sweet, and if there was anyone in a shop full of strangers she could ask, it would be her. “how can I help?” she asked with a wide smile.

Jessie smiled nervously, “I’m looking for the bondage stuff.” The brunettes eye rounded for a moment before nodding in understanding all the while maintaining her kind smile, “this way, miss Anne will take care of you.”

Jessie nodded and followed her; they passed a set of curtains in the back before they arrived at a black door. The brunette stepped in for a moment before coming back out. “miss Anne will see you.” She started to walk away, “aren’t you going to stay?” she shook her head, and continued on. Jessie nodded, she hadn’t come this far to chicken out now.

Stepping in she saw a blonde dressed in a simple black suit, she was gorgeous even with her hair pinned back in a tight bun. She was on the curvier side, and looked like the suit had been tailored to show off her curves. “hi, are you a beginner or experienced.” She said simply.


“good.” Jessie wasn’t sure what that meant but she nodded.

“I have a set I think would be perfect for you.”

“Thanks, err Anne?”

“Call me mistress Anne.”

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