The Shopping Trip PT.3

Jesse bulked at that but decided it wouldn’t do to offend the lady who was helping her. Besides, her sister, Sarah had told her that shops like this often leaned towards hiring more eccentric staff. It was why she had been so excited to spot the brunette.

“do you wear lingerie?” Jesse was pulled out of her thoughts to find Mistress Anne standing a few feet away from the door she had walked in through moments before. She nodded. “yes, I do. I bought some lingerie in Ottawa the last time I went visiting.” She added the last bit with a blush, remembering how Clarke had convinced her to get the black bra and panty set.

Mistress Anne simply nodded, “What kind?”

Jesse blushed once more, why was she asking her that? Then again Mistress Anne was the expert and not Jesse. “It was a black lace set, bra, and panties. I got some stockings and the bra had a lot of cleavage.” Jessie screamed inwardly, now she was just rattling. She looked up doing her best to make eye contact with the older woman; she had now left her position at the door, standing next to a clothing rack she was holding what looked like a red lace and tulle set.

Jessie gasped, when she got a closer look at the dramatic cut of the erotic lingerie in Canada in the woman’s hand, it was clear Mistress Anne either came in contact with girls just like Jesse regularly, or she was the most professional woman alive, either way, her face didn’t break from the straight pose she had taken when she said. “you came here to get some BDSM pieces, right?”

Jesse nodded. Yes, that was why she was here, but that cut and style left nothing to the imagination. “I would like to

“-you can choose to buy lingerie in Canada or buy lingerie online In Canada if this is not to your taste, but I assure you this is one of our more chaste options.” the older lady said, reading Jessie’s mind while cutting her off.

Jesse was stuck, she could either take this woman’s words or risk chickening out of her plan. “fine.”

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